Hubsan X4 H107d Buying Guide 4 Important Features to Search For

One of the most popular man-made technology nowadays is a drone. A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which can be remotely controlled by an operator. With each passing year, more people embrace the idea of such device because of its practical uses.

Unlike with other surveillance technology, drones can do more great things than what is expected. They can be used for bomb detection, filming, and journalism, movies, deliveries and rescue operations, to name but a few. The benefits of such tool are limitless. This is not a question why it evoked the interest of technology-savvy and regular people alike.

Here’s the problem, though.

With loads of products advertised on the market nowadays, some shoppers are having their own difficult time looking for what’s right and what’s not. Let’s face it. Every drone has its pros and cons. And with the variety of products sold at reasonable rates, it’s easy to be tempted to spend investments. To help you decide on what to choose, here are features to look for.

hubsan x4 h107d buying guide


A drone’s range tells how far can be it be controlled before it loses control. Like WiFi, drones have their limitations. Typically, expensive ones have greater ranges and can cover a wide area. Regardless of the preference in terms of range, it’s important to keep an eye on your device at all times. (You’ll never know what will happen, especially when you’re not looking).

Global Positioning System (GPS)

We are very much aware as to what the GPS can do to our lives. It helps us find locations and addresses more accurate as possible than local maps.  By choosing a drone that’s embedded with GPS, the device will know exactly where it is in the world. This would make it easier for the drone to find its way back to its owner. But you’ll have to configure the settings properly in order for the return-to-home (RTH) function to work.


There are different modes that can be found on such UAV. A follow-me mode, for example, allows the drone to track its owner across ocean or ground. This would make it easier to stay focus on whatever adventures you’re doing without any worry.

Another recognized mode is called the headless mode which can be quite difficult for most first-timers. It simply moves in a direction which is relative to you, rather than relative to the direction to where the joystick is pointing. This mode alone can definitely be a challenge for most beginners.

Battery Life

Even the latest models would run out of juice if used for long. While you can always carry a spare battery in case of emergencies, it’s still important to guarantee a longer-lasting battery when shopping for drones.

Of course, there are other features to look for. To find the best product, read some blogs that provide hubsan x4 h107d buying guide. Doing so might clear up your mind on what exact features to look for in a drone that matches to your preferences and budget.