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The internet is saturated with websites, so attracting visitors to your site and keeping them there is vital in such a competitive arena. Here are five tips to keep visitors glued to your website.

1. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes

There’s no excuse for having a website littered with grammar or spelling errors, and, essentially, it smacks of unprofessionalism. One whiff of poor grammar or dodgy spelling, and your web visitors will turn off, thinking that you are uncaring and untrustworthy. According to Real Business, 59% of Britons wouldn’t use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website.

2. Keep it current

Visitors are put off by websites that fail to keep their content current. If you provide a blog on your site, spend time adding fresh content, to give visitors a reason to stick around on your pages.

 Real Business

3. Restrict the adverts

It can be beneficial to include adverts on your website, helping you to earn extra cash and boost your reach, but be careful about which ads you choose and how many you populate your site with. Only feature ads on your site that are relevant to your brand and audience, and don’t overdo it. Make the ads a subtle inclusion on your site without becoming overwhelming or distracting.

4. Clear navigation

There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a website and then not really knowing where you have to go from then onwards to find the information you’re looking for. It’s often at this stage that visitors will click off if a site’s navigation is poor or confusing. Make it your priority to ensure your website is easy to use and get around, with simple layouts, clear headings and not too much clutter. It’s a worthwhile idea to call in the experts to assist with website navigation, so choose a reputable company such as, who offer web design and development in London and elsewhere.

5. Clear call to action

Getting customers to stay on your website is a positive thing, but, ultimately, it’s the call to action that really counts in terms of increasing conversions, boosting sales or widening your customer base. Decide what it is you want your customers to do on your site, and make it clear for them with easy, logical call to actions.