If you are thinking that the best and affordable way to keep your home warm is by using a gas central heating system, then you are far away from the truth. Heating the home is best done with electric radiators because it is efficient and economical.

We have high-grade quality electric radiators that can give you value for your money. If you are looking for a better heating source for your home or office such as an electric radiator, we have got you covered.

Among our regular customers are churches, landlords, event halls, property managers, electricians, housing associations and many others.

Why You Should go for an Electric Radiators?

  • While there are many types of heating system available, the electric radiator is safe and economical to use. You can’t compare a gas control heating system to an electric radiator in terms of pocket friendly cost.
  • Aside that, it is the best heating system for the long term as the heater do not require any serious maintenance.

Radiators from us comes with a warranty period of up to 30 years. If you are looking for a good alternative to your gas heating system or want to change your electric radiator, we can take you through the process of getting an economical radiator for your home or office.

We have experts who are ever ready to deliver straight-forward advice that you will need regarding high quality heating system. Our after-sales service is our pride. Our pricing is transparent also with our advice; honest and reliable.

Electric radiators

Is it installation you want? We are just one phone call away. Our German-built Economiser Electric Radiator is equipped with the recommended wireless programmable control as recommended by The Energy Saving Trust.

As a home owner trying to cut down on home heating bills, you can order for any of our affordable electric radiators that is very easy home to install. Within 10minutes, you should be done.

We know how difficult it is most times for people to decide on the right electric radiator. We believe that educating our customers on the best option before allowing them to place their order really go a long way in helping them to have an idea of what they are going for.

What to Look Out for?

Uninformed customers always ask this question. If you are looking for the right radiator for your home, look for oil-filled radiators. Also look for radiators that are safe to operate.

Look for radiators with built-in thermostat that help to regulate the temperature when needed, most especially when it may start to over-heat and you are not there.

All these are features you must look out for when shopping for an electric radiator. Luckily, our radiators have these features. Is it the Italian-made Vantage Thermodynamics Radiator you are looking for? We have it in stock.

Just tell us what you want in terms of control type, design and your budget, and we will sort out the right electric radiator for you.