We are well aware that fungal infection is very common regardless of age and gender. Anyone can get a fungal infection if there is no practice or regular hygiene.

In fact, even people who are practicing good hygiene can get fungal infections, especially those who are living in the tropical areas where their bodies can easily get moisten from the warm temperature and climate thus providing a healthy environment for fungus to grow and multiply, or it can be transmitted from an area or facility that has poor hygiene; for example a gym, or a public bath or bathroom.

The most common fungal infections that usually found on the skin are athlete’s foot, ringworm, yeast infections and jock itch.

However, having a fungal infection is not considered to be a dreaded disease because it can be treated and prevented easily. Most people who got infected by fungus or those who suffer from the types of fungal infection mentioned above often use an antifungal cream like Fungalor that effectively treats the infected area and prevents fungus from coming back.

However, not all antifungal cream works with the same fungal infection works with all the types of fungal infection. So the chances are if you have one or more fungal infection that is located in different parts of your body, you need another type of antifungal infection cream. However, many pharmaceutical companies nowadays.


In this article, let me help you some simple remedies to prevent a fungal infection from coming aside from depending on antifungal creams.

Athlete’s foot- The feet must be kept dry after washing it thoroughly with antibacterial soap or antifungal soap to kill the fungus that inhabits in the area. To prevent it, you should wear comfortable shoes that can provide breathability to the feet and always change socks regularly. Do not walk barefoot in public baths and locker rooms.

Yeast infection- Aside from creams, doctors will also prescribe some oral medication in order to treat yeast infection. A good healthy diet that is balanced and a proper hygiene prevent a yeast infection from setting in. Changing underwear on a daily basis will help prevent it from coming back and also using feminine wash products will also maintain the private area clean.

Jock itch- If you happen to already have a jock itch, cleaning it regularly like every four to six hours with antibacterial soap and running water will help in eliminating the fungus in the infected area. Patting it dry and applying antifungal cream will treat it immediately. To prevent it from coming back, you should wear comfortable clothing that has nice and soft fabric and also use towels to wipe your sweat to keep your body dry that could help prevent the infection from coming back.

Ringworm- All it needs to be prevented is just a basic good hygiene practice. Keeping the skin clean by using antibacterial soap and keeping it dry will help prevent any infection from coming back. Always wear footwear every time especially in public places.