The main reason why blood pressure escalates in an expecting mother is because the amount of blood in a woman’s body builds up during pregnancy. As a woman’s pregnancy advances, there is a chance that her blood pressure will revert to pre-pregnancy levels.

Medical experts are of the opinion that a woman’s blood volume surges by as much as forty-five percent during pregnancy. This additional quantity of blood is pumped by the heart right through the mother or the would-be-mother’s body. Before the heart starts pumping blood throughout the body, the left ventricle (left side of the heart which takes over the crucial pumping of the blood) develops into a thicker and larger version of its normal self. This interim arrangement gives the green light to the heart to pump more forcefully to maintain the increased blood volume.

Also, the kidneys discharge greater than before amounts of vasopressin, a hormone that signals the expecting mother’s body to raise water retention levels in it. For the most part, high blood pressure during pregnancy will become less, almost instantly, the moment the baby is delivered. In the event where blood pressure remains high, the gynaecologist or the attending doctor will recommend medicines to get it back to normal.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is identified as that blood pressure which is above what is usual (which is 140/90 mm Hg). This medical situation of some pregnant women is a worrying condition. High blood pressure for expectant mothers isn’t always life-threatening. But from time to time, it can be the reason for critical and dangerous severe health complications for both mother and child. It has been observed that a rising number of expecting mothers in the United States are suffering from this un-favourable condition.

Other reasons for blood pressure to get elevated during pregnancy may be as follows:

-obesity or being overweight

-leading a sedentary lifestyle and dwindling physical activity


-ingestion of alcohol

-first-time pregnancy

-a family history of pregnancy-related hypertension

-expecting more than one child

-age of the mother is more than forty

-pregnancy using assistive technology (like IVF)

There are certain blood pressure medication during pregnancy that an expectant mother can utilize to control her blood pressure. And what’s more, there are many ways that an expectant mother can keep tabs on her blood pressure during pregnancy.

An idea that is worth trying out is buying a blood pressure monitor from a pharmacy or online medical goods store and wearing it on one’s wrist or upper arm. The expecting mother can later corroborate her blood pressure monitor’s readings with that of her doctor’s.

 And lastly, HIV medicines for pregnancy are widely available for HIV-positive women who are either planning on getting pregnant or are already pregnant. These medicines decrease the amount of virus in their bodies and safeguard their babies from becoming HIV-infected.