Play Mat Helps The Babies To Increase Their Visual Capabilities

Play mats are most known toy products for our babies. This mat are used for various purposes. It is made of very soft materials. Some mats contain safe mirrors, light, music etc. The babies can enjoy to get this play mat. The babies can not see far away. They see only eight to twelve inches. This mat helps to know the various colours, shapes. This play mat develops the visual capabilities of the babies. At very first age, they can see the human faces with contrasting colours. This play mat help them to identify the colours individually. This product develops the baby’s motor skill. The best baby play mat which is available in the market is Baby Care Play Mat-Haute collection.


This play mat named Baby Care Play Mat-Haute collection is large play mat. This is famous for it’s large size because when the baby grows, they crawl or roll around this mat, so it is necessary to be large in size. People can easily called this mat as a jogging track for babies. This product’s padding is so thick. That’s why if it falls down from 10 ft, it can not break. It’s texture of the surface of the product is perfect for the babies. It is soft enough compare with the baby’s sensitive skin. It is washable. This is fully free from all types of chemicals, toxic materials, lead, phthalate, latex, BPA, EVA and formaldehyde etc. The dimension of the package is 142.2×22.4×21.6 cm. The product is manufactured by Baby Care.

best baby play mat

Features and Details:

This product first came in the market on 4th May 2018. It has several features. They are:

  • The product has double sided sober design which attract babies to play.
  • It is fully free from chemical and toxic materials which can harm our babies.
  • This product maintain the safety features for the babies.
  • It is very large play mat where baby can easily crawl and roll through out the mat.
  • It is long lasting product.


Every product has several drawbacks.This product has also some disadvantages. This mat does not contain any kind of toys. It is normal play mat which can give the babies a large space to play. This mat is very expensive. It’s price is beyond of the budget of middle class people.


Baby play mat contains different textures, colours and sounds. All of these can engage the baby’s mind and their creative mind will also develop. The baby play mat which contains a safe mirror, helps to develop the complex behaviour. Babies can recognise themselves in the mirror at the age of three and five months. This product is very good for new-born babies.