In the world of spirituality, most human beings believe they are the only creatures on Earth that have consciousness. They seem to forget that all form of life on this planet including plants has this awareness in some form or the other. The only difference is that it may take them thousands of years to recognize, learn and develop from its experience.It is true that such living beings cannot think selectively as human beings do or select their own will. However, this does not mean that they are insensitive to the way human beings generally treat them in their natural environment.

Harley Reagan – Importance of plants in the world of spirituality

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is a spiritual group established in 1968 by Harley Reagan. The members of this group hold the view that all forms of plant life on Grandmother Earth are sensitive to stimuli surrounding them like their counterparts in the animal world. They flourish when human beings nurture them with love, affection, and kindness in a harmonious environment. On the other hand, harsh treatment and negligent adversely affects their growth pattern. They point out many people notice that when they play music in the vicinity of plants, it has a positive effect on them. This is because music produces harmonic vibrations act as a catalyst in boosting their growth in such surroundings.

The members of this spiritual group further explain that when human beings uproot various varieties of plants from their natural habitat, their situation is similar to the child who has lost his/her parents. It needs special care and attention to feel whole again. They stress the relationship human beings share with plant world is based on harmony, respect, and peaceful coexistence. Both life forms need to depend on each other for survival on the planet people call Earth.

These members of this particular spiritual group further clarify that this does imply human beings cannot harvest various form of plant life. Such activities are obviously necessary to produce the foods that sustain their bodies, makes materials for the clothes they wear and even provide shelter from the vagaries of Nature. Otherwise, it is not possible for them to survive as a species on Earth.However, it is necessary for human beings to accord respect to plant life when interacting with it. This can result in a positive change to the environment to all forms of life on this precious planet in the long-run.

Like their founder Harley Reagan, the members of this spiritual group believe human beings to restore damage they have done to plant life on this planet through their greed. Instead of treating such life forms as mere objects, they should go out of their way consider them as living things like themselves with unique needs. This fundamental change in perception can go a long way in restoring plant life in places which have now become barren. It will result in a hospitable environment where it is possible for all forms of life to survive and flourish in complete harmony.