Life is a tour across various places in which you come across many co- travellers. You too are someone’s travel mate and when they leave the journey, it’s your duty to honor their strife. You and the deceased have spent many moments together, sometimes partied hard, cried on each other’s shoulder and have faced everything the journey took you to. Now when death has embraced the person, commemorating his memories and habits is a celebration.

Yes, a funeral is the celebration of life, acknowledgement to life, respect to every minute habit and liking of the deceased and telling the world how much you loved them and will continue doing so till infinity breaks. Creative Funerals are a means of giving a memorable tribute to them and highlighting the significance of every mundane detail which they went through daily during their lifetime.

Why creative funerals?

Life is not something common, it is a highly valued treasure, as one person has thousands of relations and holds different valuefor different people. All the people who know someone, have instances to relate to them, some are happy, some are bitter but they are there and surface in the memory when anything associated to that comes forth. Here comes the importance of Creative Funerals. The end of a person is the happening which limits them to memories only, you can’t call them back again like you used to nor can you find them at their favorite spot anymore.

To carve these memories on your heart, and thank the person for all they were to you, creative funerals are something which can do to honor them for their existence and understand their end as a positive event of their life and your life too.

What does a creative funeral signify?

The one who is no more was not simply someone, but a functioning unit on this planet. They played various roles in their life and lived it to the fullest, carrying out every role in the best way possible, doing all they could to make their friends happy and had some traits which defined their personality. For a creative funeral, understanding of what they were is very important and the arrangement you do conveys about the person to the gathered public. Creative Funerals are a unique celebration and means a lot to the deceased. Although it’s very personal and based on your will, here is what it signifies-

  • Respecting the fullness of life they spent
  • True and personalized celebration of life
  • Reflection of their existence and what they meant to you
  • Their remembrance
  • Sends the message that they will never be forgotten

End is a reality which can’t be averted, but the last celebration can be made beautiful. You may recite a special eulogy and tell how you feel and try to recreate that time spent together. A funeral which reflects the personality, tells the world that they were is the real way you can honor them. Go forth and recreate the final celebration of life! For more ideas you can click here.