Printed boxes are an inexpensive and effective way to enhance a brand’s popularity and grab the attention of the customers.Printing boxes can easily and effectively help with sorting and storing.

Many businesses have started accepting and promoting the idea of printing boxes. It has becoming a fact that if retailers want their brand to stand out in the competitive market, their product packaging needs to be unusual from their competitors.

Going after the old conventions of boxes is not an intelligent option for people who are still struggling to enhance their business.Different companies use different codesfor the identification of their products. With printing boxes the employees get a helpful idea of what is packed inside which box with quantities and date of shipping.

Digital box printing can also be used to decorate the boxes for personal use as well as market use.  Another advantage of printing boxes is that it may reduce the use of printed labels.The business owners have a better idea of how the printing boxes add to the company’s reputation, fame, and name.

Many successful online sites such as, Pak Factory, China Gold Printing etc. are offering fully custom printing boxes. Below is the list of advantages one can get from printing boxes.

Advertisement of the brand

The box printing is the easiest and most cost-effective way to advertise any brand. Rather than spending on high-budgeted on-air advertisements, one can simply print the brand logo on the box with all details and the brand will be advertised along with the product in it.

The advertising and selling will be done side by side through this method. Technical information about the brand can also be printed on the boxes along with the re-order information in forms of URLs or other codes. This little trick can do wonders for the brands.


Usually the ink used in the printing boxes is vegetable based ink which is according to the measurement of being environment friendly. These petroleum based inks have only 25% to 30% VOC’s which makes it beneficial for companies

Wide range of options

The consumers have a wide range of options beforehand while printing their boxes. This method is as versatile as any style and design can be picked for any sort of brand. Be it for bakers and confectioners, medicines, cosmetics or technical, the printing method serves it all and creates a colorful aura for the specific brand under consideration.

Professional packaging

The key to know whether one is a professional businessman or not, it is necessary to see how efficient his product packaging is. For an efficient marketer will make things easy for himself as well as for his customers.

And for this purpose, the printing boxes seems to be a good idea. The consumer also gets a clear view of his products and knows which product is packed in which box. It will not cost him any labor cost anymore as he would know where to find his product.