Whether you wear a suit to work or go more casual with jeans and a shirt, the chances are that the majority of people in your workplace all wear something similar. Whilst this is good in ensuring that the entire workforce looks smart and suited to the job, it means that as an employee you will blend in like everyone else. So how can you change that to make sure you stand out for all the right reasons? Let’s take a look at what you can do to make your work wardrobe more interesting.

Add Texture

If you want to start off gently, the texture is a great way to do it. For more casual workplaces, adding a flannel shirt or ribbed sweatshirt can make your outfit that little bit more interesting. You could also wear corduroy trousers when you start feeling braver. Although textured looks are easier to put together in the winter, you could still look into a waffle textured polo for all year round.

Add More Colour

The chances are that the clothes you wear for work tend to be darker, more muted colours than those you would wear out of the office. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a splash of colour to your work outfit. In fact, it is highly encouraged to help you make a lasting impression. If you wear a suit, pair it with a colourful tie or pocket square to make your suit much more interesting. Some workers are even looking to corporate stylists to give their work wardrobe a much-needed makeover.

Mix Up the Pattern

The clothes that you wear for work are often seen as safe and something that won’t put you in the spotlight. However, in a job where your colleague’s fashion choices are all very similar, it pays to stand out. For men’s designer shirts, try to look for patterns instead of the plain white or light blue style commonly worn to work. Houndstooth or herringbone is a great work choice, as are checks or stripes. Look at sites such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/ to get an idea of what is available and how you could incorporate it into your work wardrobe.

Whether you want to start off small or go all out, adding variety to your workwear will certainly make you more memorable as an employee.