lie detector test

There are a lot of things that you will need to remember if you are an owner of a business. When it comes to employees, you need to make sure that they can be trusted and that you can turn your back for a while without having to worry about them doing something bad. You need to do a lot of background check first because that is just the most logical way for you to ensure that they are good to their previous employers and that they can adjust to any kind of job given to them.

It can be hard if you are holding a huge company with a lot of employees, simply because you can’t track everything that they are doing. But when the time comes where something bad happened like there was a huge loss that happened because of a fault of one of your employees, then you can request for them to undergo a lie detector test. This is the fastest way for you to resolve the issue but you need to follow some guidelines first before asking your employee to take it. you should know that there is a law regarding this called Employee Polygraph Protection Act and it’s already pretty self-explanatory.

Considering having your new hires undergo a Lie Detector Test

There are government companies that make their employees undergo a lie detector test especially if their jobs play a large role in protecting the citizens. These security firms include the FBI and the CIA where they ask their potential employees take this test. Banks and pharmaceutical companies also ask their employees to take this test because it is important when they are handling a lot of money and if they are handling controlled substances, both which really makes the world go round. There are some companies though that do not need to require their new hires to take this test, and most of them are private employers. Unless the suspected employee has done something that resulted the business in losing a lot of money.

 lie detector test

Theft and other serious misdemeanors that your employee has committed

It is only natural that the employer will face some kind of problem especially with their employees. But worst case scenario is when they commit a serious crime inside your workplace or anything relating to your business which caused a major issue that couldn’t just be swept under the rug. In times like these, a lie detector test is the best solution that you can do in order for the problem to be resolved right away and if the employee is proven to be at fault, then you can have him/her fired to prevent further problems from happening.

Your employees have the option to say “No”

When it comes to lie detector tests, you should ask your employees first whether they are go for it or not. they can refuse to do it, but this is already a red flag which could make you think that they really are guilty. But just keep in mind that you cannot force them. Some people, however, would choose to take the test in order for their jobs to be spared because most of the time, those who have refused are always fired or kicked out of the job.

Employers face a very big challenge when it comes to things like these where their employees have done something to hurt the company. You will have no choice but to have a lie detector test done to protect yourself and your other employees too. just remember that you need to study the laws regarding these just to be safe.