know about pallet racking

When it comes to a material handling system, most people don’t think of pallet racking as particularly unique or interesting, but in reality, there are lots of different aspects that should be considered if you are thinking about buying pallet racking.

pallet racking

Great pallet racking will last for years and will ensure that warehouse space is being used efficiently, helping to boost productivity at your warehouse.

Here is everything that you need to know about pallet racking.

Storing products

The first thing that you need to consider when buying pallets is the size and the weight of the products being stored on the pallets. If you are storing heavy products, you will need high quality, durable pallets with a warranty, but this is less important if you are only storing lighter, less valuable items.

It is also worth looking at different types of pallets, as there are different sizes and shapes to suit different shelving systems. If you want to buy quality industrial shelving in Ireland for your warehouse, check out

durable pallets

Pallet design

There are a few different pallet designs for you to choose from. Some terms to look out for when buying new pallets are:

Rack profiles: the profile is a drawing that shows the distance between different beam levels. This can help you to work out if you will need additional bracing or not.

Reinforced pallets: you can buy reinforced pallets that tend to be more resilient than normal pallets, which is ideal if you plan on storing heavy, valuable items.

Open or closed tube: this term refers to how the vertical columns are constructed. If the column has an open back, it is an open tube, and if it has a closed back, it is a closed tube.

Steel racking: structural steel racking can be used if you are storing very heavy items, but it is worth noting that these pallet racks tend to be more expensive than normal racking.

Pick up and drop off stations: pallet racking is often designed with one bay taken from the end of every other row, making it easier to stack the pallets on the floor. This is called pick up and drop off stations.

Pallet accessories: the main accessories are metal support bars, wire decks, column protectors and end of aisle guarding.