If you are just starting out as a new motorcyclist, there are two essential items you should put one whenever you set out on your ride. These two items should be the two topmost safety items that every motorcyclist should wear and they are the motorcycle helmets and the motorcycle jacket. In case of an accident, the motorcycle helmet and jacket will protect you from injury to your head, brain, and face, and a motorcycle jacket will protect you from abrasions and other injuries.

Whenever we take a ride on our motorcycle as a commuter or as a pleasure seeker, we need to take safety precaution by putting on the proper motorcycle helmet and riding jacket. These are the important riding gear we need to invest in to enjoy a safe ride. Every motorcyclist has to protect his or her head with a good quality riding helmet and the body with a good quality riding jacket.

There are many different types of motorcycle helmets such as the full face helmets, dual sports helmets, half shell helmets, modular helmets, and the open face helmets. The different types of helmets are designed and constructed for the specific type of ride. When buying the helmet, it is important for one to buy a helmet of the good fit.  The helmets come in the usual small, medium, and large sizes. There are also the extra large motorcycle helmets available to those with the bigger head.

When looking for a helmet to match your head size, you can use a flexible measuring tape to wrap around the largest portion of your head, just about 1 inch above your eyebrows. Look for the helmet size that matches the measurement of your head. Some heads are smaller, and some heads are extra large. The odd sizes usually enjoy discount helmets for motorcycles.

When buying motorcycle clothing such as the jacket, one has to take into consideration the type of material used. Motorcycle jackets are usually made of leather or synthetic material. The leather is tough, durable and good for protection against abrasion, they are warmer and with less ventilation. Leather jackets are not suitable for riding in hot and humid weather. Synthetic jackets are lighter and more breathable, but they tend to wear out faster than the tougher leather jackets. There are also jackets made from a combination of leather and synthetic materials to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Motorcycle jacket should be of the good fit. It should not be too loose or too tight. When the motorist leans forward with his hands on the handlebars, the back of the jacket should be long enough to cover the entire back, it should not be tight or uncomfortable, and the sleeve cuffs should be able to touch the wrists.