When you’re planning to hire a vehicle carrier service, all you want is peace of mind and no added stress especially if you’re moving to another place. All you want for these guys to do is bringing your car to your new place in one piece, or perhaps no dents or scratches at all.

However, can we exactly find and hire some vehicle carrier services company that fits all our needs? In this article, I will give you the key questions you should be asking the potential vehicle carrier service near you to ensure that you’ll be hiring the right company to provide you the needed service. You should base your considerations on what these vehicle carrier service company answers these questions.

In the United States, there are tons of vehicle carrier services that offer hassle-free and completely safe transportation of your precious vehicle to your destination. They all claim to provide you hassle-free and safe service but how sure are we of that? You should start asking them questions that are prepared by one of United States’ most trusted auto transport company, Nationwide Auto Transportation Washington.


How much do they charge their customers? Most vehicle carrier services provide their customers calculated rates and explain what are these charges and where does this come from including the taxes, toll fees in expressways and other logistical fees that is needed for the transportation of your vehicle. Shipping your car has several different factors when it comes to its costs or rates which includes the type of your vehicle, the distance and the type of shipping you want to avail.

Nationwide Auto Transportation Washington


Are they providing me free quotes? In most vehicle carrier services across the United States, you are not required to pay auto shipping quotes. You can determine this if you’ll ask your vehicle carrier service company that you’ve chosen if they have shortlisted free shipping quotes. Best advice is to ask for quotes from different vehicle carrier service companies near you so that you can make a comparison.


Do they have registration and license to operate? I think this is the most important question you should ask for vehicle carrier service companies that you’re planning to hire because it’s the overall safety of your vehicle is at stake in this situation. They should have a license for a reason and that is to ensure that they have passed all the requirements and standards of what the government and the law mandate to them.


Are they insured? Before you load your car to their trailer or container van, you should ask them if they have an insurance policy to make sure that your car is insured in case of any untoward accident during the transportation. Your car insurance policy will never cover any damages if there’s an accident that happened during the transportation that’s why you should ask the vehicle carrier service that you’re planning to hire if they have.


What should I do before you transport my car? Reputable vehicle carrier services require you to empty your cars of all your valuables because its management won’t be held responsible if you’ve lost something inside. Also, you should make sure that your car is completely clean before you load it to their trailer.