Tier 2 Immigration What You Need to Know

The rules governing UK immigration are complex, and at times it might be best to get some formal advice. However, before you do, you might want to get to grips with the basics, and who knows, after a little light reading you might find yourself with a greater understanding of what is actually required and whether or not you might qualify. Look here: http://www.immigration.uk/articles/tier-2-general-e1b577f5-0a56-4fc8-ab87-713b706b4c21 for useful information, and read on to find out more…


The Tier 2 visa is now the main means of entry into the UK for skilled workers. You will need to have an offer of employment and your employer will act as your “sponsor”



The process can take up to three weeks for an answer, so it is best to get started with the application as soon as possible. However you can only apply within three months of any proposed start date.


As with most things in life, not a lot is free, and there will be a fee to pay in conjunction with the application itself. The actual level of fee depends on your country of origin and the number of dependents you are looking to bring (there are charges per dependent). The fees also change depending on your proposed length of stay.

In addition to the above there is a healthcare surcharge fee.


You can stay for a period of 5 years and 14 days after which you can extend the same as required.


You will need a sponsor, details of your employment and proof that you satisfy a level of English. You must have a set level of savings – remember that you are coming to work, and the UK government will not want to support you from the moment you arrive until your first pay day.

Your employment must also satisfy a minimum level of remuneration, again so that you are not reliant on any UK benefits.


You will need your proof of sponsorship and employment, proof of knowledge of English, bank statements supporting your savings, a current and valid passport, and if applicable proof of health (from TB related conditions). Depending on your role, you may need to prove that you have no criminal record, if you are to work with vulnerable people.

Second Job

If needed you may be able to take a second role up to 20 hours per week in the same profession, or one from the shortage occupation list.

It is probably agreed that all procedures within the UK immigration processes are there for a good reason. However, this does not mean that you will necessarily understand quite why they are present or at times how they apply to you. When considering the process it may at first seem a little overwhelming, but it is bound to. The rules all have a reasoning and place, and the procedures, if followed correctly, are actually designed to help you through the process itself. Whilst it may feel like hard work at first, if you are intent on coming to work in the UK, then it is necessary that you undertake this effort, before you can start in your new employment. Good luck in your journey.