Drink Driving How Alcohol Truly Affects the Body

Most people would readily admit to knowing that cars and booze are a bad combination. Yet there are many that seem to think that they themselves are somehow different and that alcohol doesn’t affect them in the same way.

Sadly for these people, they often find themselves subject to drink driving charges and searching out the various drink driving solicitors to “help them out of a hole”.

A brief review of the true affect that alcohol has on the body will however probably make you think differently the next time you are out and thinking of having a pint etc. Let’s therefore consider the ways in which alcohol and driving are a bad cocktail…

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Alcohol affects the whole body, and one of the quickest parts to suffer is the brain. Now you may think that you don’t really use your brain that much to drive – we all experience people who seemingly don’t, but aside from these drivers, think about judgement.

Whilst driving you need to plan ahead, reason and make sound decisions, and even the smallest amount of alcohol affects the ability to do this.


Driving is multi-tasking, the gears, the road ahead, the speed etc. Alcohol makes multi-tasking hard and the brain then wants to focus on just one thing.

Comprehend and Coordinate

You need to be able to comprehend any changes, and coordinate yourself to deal with them safely. Things happen in a split second, and are easily missed when you’re “slowed” down by the alcohol.

Reactions and Visions

What and how you see a situation can determine how you react and deal with it. Miniscule amounts of alcohol can slow your reactions as well as “fog” your vision, meaning that you see things too late, or are too slow to react to the things that you do see.


Nowadays cars can drive themselves, but in reality most of us will still have to position the car safely and correctly on the road.

Remember the first time that you got behind the wheel? You felt like there were so many things to do, even before you set off. You probably believed that you could only change gear only whilst looking at the gearstick, or that everything would never “click”. By the time that you passed your test and got your licence though, things had changed, so many things became automatic and straightforward.

By adding alcohol into the mix, you are making every task much more difficult whilst at the same time hampering your own ability to deal with each one. Like holding your breath under water and trying to do a Rubik’s cube – sounds hard right. But driving with alcohol is slightly different because you believe you’re okay, when you’re not.

What you are doing is simply running the risk of facing drink driving charges which will quickly sober up the mind and focus your brain, but by then it is of course too late.