While you are traveling, the first thing you need to do is to book a good accommodation. You need a hotel room where you get all the facilities of comfortable living when you return from the tour, tired. Unfortunately, there are lots of cases of forgeries that are coming up in news. People may lose everything if they book a hotel without enough information.

Whether you are booking hotels in Kharghar or elsewhere, you have to be cautious about your safety. After all, you don’t want to be ransacked while you are on a wonderful trip. Your safety measures should be started even before your trip. What can travelers do to make traveling full of fun and keep themselves secure?

Safety Tips before Your Trip

  • You should carry copies of your identity card, passports, airline or rail tickets, credit cards and all other documents.
  • If you are carrying any valuable objects or jewelry, you should take pictures of those before making the trip.

Things You Need to Check for Hotel Room Safety

  • While booking hotels, you can look for those which have modernized electronic guest room locks. As you can change the combination, it is really difficult for someone to open it.
  • Check out whether the rooms have a deadbolt lock. Also, there must be peephole on the doors of each room.
  • Each room has to have a smoke detector. If not, then it must be in the corridors or hallways for an emergency. Calling the local fire department at the eleventh hour is not a good safety plan for a hotel.
  • The telephonic system must be upgraded in each room. You should check out whether you can make outside calls from those phones.
  • The doors and windows must have secured locking system.
  • The patios, garage, hallways, and corridors must be well-lit.
  • Those hotels are safer which have limited access to enter. The lesser gateways it has, the chance of having intruders will be lower.
  • The location of a hotel is very important to check out. Is it located in a high crime-rated area? Avoid it without any doubt.

Be Aware after Checking into the Hotel

  • When you arrive at the hotel, keep your luggage closer until you reach the lobby or precisely your room.
  • If you are staying in a room that has the old style of the locking system, you should ask what steps they are taking to ensure additional safety.
  • You should ask the front desk personnel to write down the room number instead of telling it. It is a matter of security. You can ask for that.
  • You should always sign your last name and first initial. Try not to disclose your profession, marital status, and gender.
  • Never keep your credit card on the front desk while you are registering. You should also make sure that you got your credit card back.

Here are the simple but important tips you need to follow to tighten your safety while traveling and staying in a hotel. Never forget to share the details of the hotel with your family member and friends.