Since the development of the mankind, migration has been a process through which people move from one area to another. There are many people who still love to migrate to developed countries like Canada where the standard of living has a class, and everyone gets an opportunity to develop in his field. There are specific reasons due to which the people prefer to move to this beautiful land. However, people from other countries have to follow certain rules and regulations which are known as migration process. For different reasons there are different categories and one can get the approval under any special category only.

Canada is one of the known destinations for citizens of other countries to migrate and settle in. The country has soft immigration policies, with a good cultural and political situation and high employment rate. Over the years a number of young men and women are going to Canada to opt for higher studies like Masters and Ph.D. programs. The workers are shifting their base and getting a job in the first world country especially for a better lifestyle.If you want to have a job and settle with your family in Canada looking for the chance of being a permanent resident then there a few steps you have to follow. This article offers some insighton the same. A number of immigration programs like Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker program, Provisional Nominee programs,etc. offers Permanent residency Visa to highly qualified professionals and workers.

What are categories for PR in Canada?

The Permanent Resident Card means that any person having the card can live, study and work in Canada. He/she can apply for Canadian citizenship, will receive the social and health benefits at a subsidized rate and will be protected by Canadian law. Also, they will receive the facilities as that of being a firsthand resident of Canada. There are some categories under which one can apply for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa.s They are:

  • Skilled Immigrants
  • Quebec skilled worker program
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs or self-employed person
  • Family sponsored individual
  • Live in care giver Visa

How to apply?

To apply for the Canada Resident Visa if you fall under either of the categories, you have to fill up the free assessment form online or offline. A number of support documents like the proof of your credentials, age proof, details of your education and work experience, skills, proficiency in thelanguage, adaptability to the overseas country and so on will be assessed.  Your profile details will be thoroughly checked and re-assessed by the immigration experts at the Visas Avenue. You will be contactedaccordingly if your application is approved or not. If approved, then the complete procedure details and which category would best suit you would be advised. The immigration procedure, Visa application filing, and all the official procedures will be further carried out. Once you have a permanent resident for three or more, you can also apply to become a Canadian citizenship.