The big factory would have many workers. Many of them would be casual labors; others would be working as permanent employees. In other case, there would be management staffs to maintain the complete factory. All these workers are working in the shift system. Once the shift starts at eight am it works next day eight in the morning. Again fresh workers would be joining the duty. Therefore, the workers details could not be had very easily. The system strongly required to manage all these accounts. Earlier the machine was found for the above workers. But the machine is expensive and the details of the workers could not be added much in the system. The present, online time clock software is very different from the old system. In the new system the worker is correctly identified. His blood group is added, his residence address and phone number could be had, the eye details could be had, the recent scientist found there is much difference between one person eye to next person eye and this is found truth.

So the eye details are important now in the new system, this is called as biometric system. This system is not arrived to many countries they are still suffering with the old machine system. There would not be any confusion in declaring one person. The machine identifies exactly a person with all the details. So the attendance is made easy and the reports are sent through the sms service which works all the twenty four hours in the day, and all the seven days in the week. All the three hundred and sixty five days in the year. The machine is completely alright to use. At the same time, the machine software is offered at the free of cost for the commercials. Once they are happy they could buy. Once they are installing the above software, they would not refuse the above system and surely they would buy the above software. That is the reason the above software is offered at the free of cost.

The payment for the workers is very difficult to make in the factories. The reason is the worker is working extra time, for his extra time work the payment should have to be added. In other cases, the bonus of the workers differs from one worker to next worker. In some cases the bonus and incentive money would be more to a worker. In the other end the new and freshly joined worker would receive only little money. All these must have to be managed by the management. The above software is taking care of the pay roll also. The software is also taking care to pay for the other payments to be paid by the company. So the information is good enough to avoid the penalty amount for the payment to be paid by the factory or by the company. Over all the above software is performing well with the factories and with the companies and with the government based offices, so all the management s are quite happy with the above software.