Islam is the most widespread religion in the world. It has a lot of rules and norms that every believer must follow. Clothing is one very important one, especially for women. According to the norms of Islam, a women must always lower her gaze and protect her modesty at all costs. She must not show her beauty and ornaments to others. She should not attract outside attention on herself. At all times she should keep herself covered. She can only reveal her beauty in front of other females, children and her father, husband or any other male members of her family.

There is a wide variety of clothing available for the Muslim women. These articles of clothing are meant for them to present themselves modestly in front of god. These can get a little confusing for the beginners, but gradually you get used to them. Here is the list of the Muslim women clothing to help you:

  • Hijab- It is a square or a rectangular piece of cloth which is folded and used as a scarf over the head. It covers the whole head and neck except the face. It is also called a tarhah or shaylah according to its location and styling.
  • Khimar- It is a type of a woman’s head veil. It is a type of a scarf which is wrapped over the top half of the woman’s body, till her waist.
  • Abaya- It is a kind of a cloak for women to wear over their daily clothes whenever they go out. It is loose and covers the whole body.
  • Chador- It is kind of an enveloping cloak which covers the whole body of the woman from head to toe. It is mostly worn without a veil in front of the face.

  • Jilbab- It is a cloak similar to an abaya, but it is a little more fitting and is available in a variety of colours and fabrics. It also resembles a long tailored coat.
  • Niqab- It is a veil worn across the face which might or might not cover the eyes. It is made of light fabric allowing the women too see even if it covers the eyes.
  • Burka- This is a type of a veil which covers the whole body of the woman. Even the eyes are concealed by a wire mesh which allows them to see.
  • Salwar Kameez- It is worn mutually by men and women, majorly in the Indian subcontinent. It is a combination of a long tunic worn along with loose trousers.

All these types of clothing are sometimes difficult to get your hands on but now they are available online. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and order yourself one sitting at home. Muslim women clothing online stores have opened up recently and have made the lives easier for many.

Though many women in the current generations complain about these clothing, saying how they are forced to wear them, many women are comfortable wearing them and wouldn’t have it otherwise.