If you find it difficult to choose the right fabric colours for quilting projects, here are a few simple ways that will help you find the ideal colour combination.

Begin with a Focus Fabric

Probably the easiest way of creating a colour scheme is to start with a focus. Cotton poplin fabric is easy to work with, so select a material that appeals to you as your focus. Once you have chosen this, you can add in different coordinating prints that work well with it.

Try a Two-Colour Quilt

Two-colour quilts have quite a dramatic impact, and you can choose almost any two basic colours. At the moment, grey and yellow are very popular and can be seen in many home accessories from major retailers. Other widely used colour combinations are purple and pink, black and white, green and red, and blue and white. Choosing the right prints and plains in different shades of your chosen fabric can take a while, but the results can be stunning. You could even create a monochromatic quilt with different shades of one colour on a white background.

Take Ideas from Retailers

Looking in the home decor departments of large retailers can give you a good idea of what is trending at the moment, and you may choose to use shades that are generally popular. As long as your quilt background fabric is a lot lighter or darker than the focus fabric, the quilt will look fantastic with, say, six different coordination fabrics in a range of prints and plains. If you are unsure of exactly what effect you are looking for, why not choose one of the coordinating fat quarter bundles available from retailers such as Higgs and Higgs?

Follow a Quilting Blogger

Many quilt pattern designers blog about how they put different colour combinations together, and you can always get some good ideas online. Browse a few quilting blogs for ideas about really new and different colours to use. Quilting has always been about expressing yourself, and according the The Guardian, even inmates of Wandsworth prison are being encouraged to express how they feel about sleep in a new quilting project run by best-selling author Tracey Chevalier.

Whether you are aiming for a modern or traditional style of quilt, choosing your fabrics is half the fun.