Jewellery is the first love of every woman and hence jewellery has been an integral part of a history of Indian sub-continent. It has been a great gift that could be given to a woman. As per history, jewellery played a very vital role. During the Mughal age, the ornaments were made of gold, silver, brass, copper studded with expensive gems which made them look elegant and classy, such jewellery is still displayed in a lot of museums in India. Temple jewellery is another style of jewellery designs those were made during the ancient times and was used by the dancers who used to entertain the kings and queens. This type of jewellery is made keeping in mind the requirements and usability, apart from this temple jewellery was majorly used by the royal families to present them to the idols of gods.

History of temple jewellery

Nowadays temple jewellery is back in the trend; one can now find a lot of jewellery pieces like earrings, necklace, anklets, rings etc. Temple jewellery online can be easily purchased by a lot of online portals available. These portals not only offer pre-designed jewellery but also allow the customers to design their own jewellery or customize the available designs. During the times when India was ruled by Mughal kings, the Martha’s, the kings were made to wear crowns made from gold and studded with gems, those crowns were made using extra ordinary designs so that the king stands out of the crowd. During that time, there was no machinery hence all the designing was done by the experts using delicate tools. The craft men were even used to get awards as making handcrafted jewellery was quite a difficult job.

Online temple jewellery shopping is not a big deal now, with the availability of a lot of companies selling their products online has made it easier for the buyers to create their own collection by exploring all the various trendy designs and colours. Everywhere across the world wedding day is considered to be the biggest day in the life of a man and a woman and also for their families, a lot of planning is done to ensure that everything goes well on a special day and it is made memorable. In India, wedding is not an event of a day, it is a sequence of events that happen for at least a week and hence requires a lot of planning from deciding the brides wedding clothes and jewellery to the menu to be served at the wedding. When one buys a dress it becomes mandatory to have the matching jewellery and when it’s the wedding dress the jewellery has to be unique and elegant. In the southern part of India, temple jewellery is quite popular and can be seen worn by most of the brides. There are some expert craft men who have a great hand in making this ancient style of jewellery pieces, which are extremely liked and loved by the modern women these days, the best part about this kind of jewellery is, it is still keeping Indian history alive among the people.