Using the headset or earphones will reduce the back pain and fatigue caused by cradling the phone on our shoulder and may help us in improving posture and makes us more active and refreshing at the end of the work day. It also helps in productivity as now a days many of them are using earphones inbuilt with a microphone became beneficial as we can be able to insert earbuds into our ears and listen to music and talk to a person in phone using a  mic inbuilt in an Earphone so to choose a perfect earphones we need to know the benefits of Earphones with mic. Get the best budget headphones​ here.

Benefits of using Earphones with mic

There are many benefits of using an Earphone with mic.To choose the perfect earphone we need to ensure its uses by choosing right type of headsets with features inbuilt that will best enhance listening and speaking experience .

Earphones free up both hands to use a computer,make notes etc.,which makes you more productive.using a best earphone with noise cancelling technology the microphone filters out upto 75% of  background sounds so that caller hear only even in noisy environments by improving the sound quality.

Wireless headsets  give the additional freedom to leave your desk and move around during phone calls or listening to music ,currently upto 300ft from the phone.It enables the microphone to stay in same position as you move your head and speak so that our voice stays consistent.

Like most of the people if we use earphone with our smartphone,we might want to customize the audio settings to ensure the music sounds as good as it can,and also  ensuring your  mic isn’t too low so that your calls sound great too.

If you buy a earphones with too short cable,you can always add an extension,but need to be careful to get an extension cable of equal quality to the cable of earphone.

There are different models of earphones with high quality audio with comfort ,portability and durability and wireless earphones are a way more beneficial  because there are no wires distracting you from enjoying the device with an ultimate comfort. Grab more info about the best budget headphones here.

Disadvantages of  Earphones with mic

Apart from the benefits of earphones with a mic there are disadvantages to there may be many models,brands,designs and styles some of them may be less comfortable and the use of earphones of  particular brand may last longer and may have less battery life.

Using of earphones for longer periods may affect the brain and leads to hearing problems,ear infections and if sound quality is poor it becomes a waste of investing money in buying a earphone with mic.

These days people are using earphones regularly for longer periods are experiencing more ear wax resulting in tinnitus and numb ears.As the inner ear directly linked to brain due to the electromagnetic waves produced by earphones it may directly effect the brain and can lead to serious health issues .

Besides the disadvantages and advantages  of  using a perfect earphones with mic may be beneficial for a good ear.selecting the  best one with high quality audio,enhanced with noise cancellation technology and not inserting earphones deeply into the ear canals and customizing the audio settings with low volume  and not using the earphones for longer periods is beneficial for a golden ear .