Uptown Puppies in Texas are the dealers of the doodle breed of dog popularly known as Labradoodle. This breed is one of the exceptionally rare yet amazing loving breed in the world. It`s a hybrid breed crossed and brought into existence. Uptown puppies store in Texasbreeds all kinds of doodle pups like Australian Labradoodle, the miniature Australian labradoodles and the Goldendoodles.

These labradoodles are hypoallergenic in nature which means they have the power to alleviate almost 100% symptoms of your ailments like coughing and sneezing. They are very hygienic and fun loving in nature. This is what makes them the best from the rest.  And the fact that they are more than the service dogs because of their charming nature also brings a lot of accolades on their part.

Uptown Puppies are the Texas labradoodle breeders solely and therefore the demand of these dogs remains huge all throughout the year.  The sellers also ensure every possible help and console given to the buyer so that there isn’t any issue whatsoever as far as the domestication of the dog is concerned., one such example is their 2 years services courtesy extended for a period of two years in which they guarantee the health of the dog and in case of any ailment of the dog or any other issue, they are always ready to resolve the issue. In fact, they take it as their sole duty to ensure the wellbeing of the dog for at least 2 years.


But why only Uptown Puppies?

Though there are few other labradoodle dog breeders and sellers in Texas, yet Uptown Puppies remains different in it`s approach. Escalating the reasons below:

  • 10 years of optimized genetic lines- uptown puppies hold an experience of more than 10 years and they use best genetic lines and breeding methods to bring charming labradoodles to existence. Breeding of Labradoodle and Goldendoodle is all about striking the perfect balance.  They help in avoiding genetic disorders like the hip dysplasia which in turn ultimately requires good breeding methods.
  • Creating happy customers- Uptown puppies believe in rendering perfect service to their customers. They try their level best to bestow the buyer with the best family puppy they can. Though all the breeds of doodles are friendly companions yet they try their level best to understand the need of the buyer. They create happy customers by safeguarding their doodles with the 2 years warranty service. They help the customers in finding the best doodle puppy for their family.
  • Not just a puppy mill- well; they aren’t just Doddles dealers or breeders just for the heck of selling. It`s their fascination and love for doodle breed that has kept them going and breeding such amazing dogs. They are very concerned about what their pup`s wellbeing.
  • 2 years health warranty- they give a 2 year health warranty on their dogs in which any ailment or disease in the dog would be taken care by the sellers only. For initial two years, the owner need not worry about the health of their puppy for Uptown Puppy Mill is there for it.