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We are living in the Computer Era as the computers, digital information and software is inevitable in the modern life. Current life is accustomed with the use of modern computers and digital accessories. Business and transactions has improved a lot that deals through the Cyber arena. There is a wide scope with the increased space of technology in the modern life recently. However it is needless to think that there are negative effects or disadvantages. E-crime or computer crime has increased a lot that simply defines as the crime. When a computer is targeted for crime and adopted to the crime, then the individual or group is liable for the crime. Some of the crime could be new while others are different with the conventional crimes like frauds, theft, forgery, blackmailing and embezzlement of the online medium using the internet. Characteristics of the cyber space accelerate growth of the crimes that will interalia the speed, anonymity, access, dependency and borderless space. Some of the most important cyber crimes includes the salami attacks, virus attacks, DOS attacks, e-mail bombing, information offences and internet hacking.

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Legal Law Problems:

Gaining of access in the entry into the communicating or instructing the logical, memory function or arithmetical resources of a computer or the computer network without the legality is the offensive crime. Unauthorized access is the type of access into the system without permission of rightful owner and the person in charge. Any type of act that leads to the breaking into the computer and network is called as Hacking. Hackers use the ready-made computer programs for attacking targeted computer. The hackers who posses desired destruction that gets kick into destruction. Nature and Dimension of Information technology is considered as the main cause for legal problem. Cyber Law gives the special treatment or penalty for environment in which the criminals creep up using machinery. In most cases, the hackers would hack the computer for the personal monetary gains, credit card information, various bank accounts money transfer and many more. For overcoming these problems, Information Technology Act, 2000 came into existence since 17th October 2000. According to this Section 43 Act, any unauthorized access, introduction of virus, downloading and internet time theft is committed by the person. Law is applicable in India and any other person irrespective of their nationality. It is also prescribed that the punishment made by the damages that is not exceeding Rs. 1 crore for affected party.