One of the toughest tasks during a shift is to ensure a safe move for the fragile items. You must be worried about your treasured paintings, the heirloom sculptures and the priceless photographs. Then, what about the exotic dinnerware that you received on your last birthday? Well, all such valuables demand some extra care while packing and hauling them for your big move. The post below shares some needed insights you must know to keep your fragile items safe during your move moving companies.

Get adequate packing supplies

The most important packing suppliers that you would need here are:

  • Peanuts- you will need them to fill up empty space in your packing once you have already placed a fragile item inside. The peanuts will help to absorb multiple shocks throughout the long journey to your new home.
  • Dish boxes- Ordinary cardboard boxes are not suitable for moving fragile plates. You need special dish boxes that are made with dual-layered cardboard.
  • Packing paper- Newspapers are not always enough to pack the delicate papers. You would need Kraft paper for better cushioning while wrapping and packing the delicate stuff.
  • Pads made from corrugated fiberboard- These should be stacked at the sides of packing boxes to be used to carry your sculptures or other fine art items. They too help with added cushioning.
  • Foam sheets- They are great to ensure a protected wrap around your paintings.
  • Bubble wrap- It’s an indispensable item when it comes to packing fragile items. Bubble wraps are specially designed to absorb shock.

Be meticulous with wrapping

Fragile items need multiple layers of wrapping before they are sent to the packing box. First, you will wrap them in packing paper. You can use foam sheets for your paintings and photos. Seal with packing tape. Then you will add a layer of bubble wrap for added security. Tape up the whole thing tight.

Tips for packing box

Multiple cushion layers are needed to ensure a safe move. First, you will secure the bottom of the box with a gum tape. Run the tape from the central part of the bottom straight to the sides. Then, you will make a layer of packing paper. Place a layer of bubble wrap on it. Now put your items. Then, gently push in the fiberboard pads at the sides. Finally, place another layer of packing paper over the object inside. Follow it with a sheet of bubble wrap. Fill up the void spaces with peanuts before taping the box up. Hire professional moving companies as they know the exact art of moving packing and moving fragile items in the safest manner.

Get individual boxes for sculptures, paintings, and big electronic items

Pack plates vertically

Do not pack your delicate dishes horizontally while stacking inside your packing box. Such an arrangement will put more pressure on the last plate at the bottom. Always stack the plates vertically inside the dish box. Make sure to place crumpled packing paper in between each dish.

Fragile stickers

Label each box with “Fragile” stickers so that extra caution is practiced while loading, towing and unloading them.