Steroids are considered to be those synthetic substances that replicate certain natural hormones in our body. They are categorized into two-forms that is the anabolic steroids and the corticosteroids with the former being more widely used in the field of bodybuilding. This is due to the fact that they replicate the mechanism of the male sex hormone testosterone thereby stimulating muscle growth and improving the overall endurance of the body. In the past steroids were mainly used for beefing up cattle due to their ability to stimulate muscle growth. But today duet similar reasons they are widely being used by bodybuilders and athletes. Like the immense benefits, these steroids also have certain risks associated that could damage overall health. Hence they are banned or are available only with a proper prescription in many countries.  For example, they are classified as controlled substances by the Italian government and are not available in local pharmacies or supplement stores. Further, in some countries, these are also known as Schedule III controlled substances. These substances are available only if the prescription has a medical purpose like testosterone supplements are prescribed for the treatment of hypogonadism.

In countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal this is the only way one can get access to anabolic steroids. Looking at the demand there are many online stores that sell these performance enhancers and that too without the requirement of a doctor prescription. Possessing drugs through this method cannot be outrightly called illegal as steroid laws in some countries might permit this. One can possess the steroids as long as they are intended for personal use. But possessing them for commercial benefits can land you in legal trouble. One can be sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment or an unlimited fine. Therefore before buying steroids online making you acquainted with the laws is imperative. Not only this, but it is also important that you identify genuine sellers online as it is not a controlled market. While looking for dealers online ensures that they have a good reputation. Look for reviews online about the quality of steroids they sell. Also if possible find out the source from where the seller imports his stock. It is important that you consider these facts to avoid hassles and health complications later.

In countries like Italy, steroids are classified as the controlled substances by the Italian government to prevent its abuse and also the availability of counterfeited drugs in the black market. One may not easily find the human grade steroids in Italy but getting the animal grade ones is not a tedious task. They are widely used in the cattle industry and can be easily obtained but one must be able to identify the real product. Apart from the above, there are other countries as well like India, Mexico, Thailand, Honking, Korea to name a few where the steroid laws are very much relaxed. One can find anabolic steroids for the purpose of bodybuilding easily without prescription. Hence many people from countries like the USA visit these countries to complete their steroid cycles. But in such case, one must remember not to carry these steroids across the border as they are strictly prohibited.