Major issues involving steroid use by sports players are common – they seem eager to risk their independence, employment, and health to earn that “edge” over others. Such dangers aren’t astonishing considering the financial rewards provided. The use of anabolic steroids is done typically done in private; hence well-planned studies showing the effects of anabolic steroids on players aren’t common. Testosterone medications develop muscle strength, boost body size, and hasten healing rate; still, these results are associated with numerous long-term and short-term dangers.

Increases Body Size

One of the most recent studies revealed that steroid use increases body size. In general, the large number of studies supports that result. The authors tested the effects of performance-enhancing drugs in strong weightlifters and instructors. Testosterone significantly increases body weight, quadriceps circumference, and bicep girth. In addition, this study revealed an increase in the abdomen “tightness”. That result isn’t common; however, as most studies don’t state a fat-reducing effect of performance-enhancing drugs.

Increases Muscle Size

It’s popular, both scientifically and hypothetically, that steroid use boosts muscle strength. A recent study performed in 2007 defines this effect of performance-enhancing drugs. These articles showed that testosterone enanthate; the most commonly utilized and abused type of testosterone, heightened bench press strength and cycling performance in fit subjects. An older study revealed that such effects are commonly acquired in 6-12 weeks of medication, yet these scholars defined significant changes within 3 weeks. These astonishing outcomes show that steroid use could easily boost muscle endurance.

Steroids Increase Risks

It would be dangerous to define the benefits of performance-enhancing drugs without citing the dangers associated with their use. These studies nicely presented this effect of steroids in their articles. The scholars noted that testosterone use develops unwanted aggression and libido, as well as acne formation and disfiguring face. Performance-enhancing drugs also change the internal hormone milieu during and after their use. Most concerning of all; still, is the dangerous cardiac effects of anabolic steroids. Exogenous testosterone boosts resting blood pressure and decreases good cholesterol levels. Moreover, performance-enhancing drugs change the heart’s functions and structures.

Increases Healing Rate

Another reported effect of steroids is their positive impact on one’s healing rate. One of the most recent steroid issues focusing on sports players is composed of repeated references to the use of performance-enhancing drugs for hastening recovery. Unluckily, only limited studies testing these effects in healthy individuals are available. Still, there’s a compilation of steroid data in “trauma” subjects that include people who suffered major injuries and burns. For instance, a recent study done in 2009 revealed that oxandrolone restored body weight, increased muscle strength, and improved lean body mass in users with severe thermal injuries.

Performance-enhancing drugs are also being increasingly used as recreational substances as it’s famous to induce euphoria in users and gives them a sense of immense power. Various black markets are being filled with steroids owing to them being prescription medicine and the general difficulty to obtain them. Although law defines the unauthorized use of capsules of 25mg oxymetholone as an illegal practice, it has been steadily ignored by abusers.