The body’s cholesterol levels and the fitness of the heart are directly related to each other. If the cholesterol starts creeping upwards it is an alarming signal for the heart as one needs to control it immediately for maintaining a good health. It is not such that the cholesterol levels are lowered with the help of taking drugs and medication but it can be brought down by other ways like maintaining a diet and performing exercise. The top heart hospital in India generally organizes seminars and conferences where the experienced doctors discuss the ways to naturally control the heart diseases.

After many research and deep extensive surveys it is found the controlling the diet alone plays a vital role in reducing LDL and total cholesterol levels. If followed on a strict basis the following will normal the body cholesterol levels and bring the life back to its normal state.

Lifestyle changes for improving cholesterol levels- The Lifestyle changes can help reduce the overall cholesterol and keeps you off cholesterol-lowering medications or also improves the effeciency of your medications. Here is lifestyle changes for you to get you started.

  • Exercise regularly- It is through an exercise that the body gets an improved number of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. A 30 minutes exercise a day from an OK signal from the concerned doctor may show wonders improving the cholesterol in the body. The exercise includes- taking a brisk walk, swimming, bike ride, playing some games, etc.

  • Move on to heart healthy foods- There are many people who stay on eating unhealthy items but it’s never late to move on to enriched food items which are good for health and heart both. The diet must include certain food rich in omega 3 fatty acids, soluble fiber, whey protein, and eliminate trans fat items such as cookies, crackers and snack cakes, etc.
  • Stop smoking- We all know the fact that “smoking is injurious to health”. If one stop smoking, it helps in improving the blood pressure and improves the heart rate. The benefits don’t end here- as leaving smoking means having a healthy heart with healthy lungs for smooth breathing.
  • Maintain body weight- It is seen that person with excess body weight is more prone to heart attacks as compared to the other persons. Carrying an extra pound means contributing to high cholesterol. Therefore, one must start evaluating the eating habits and monitor the daily routine so that easy ways to overcome weight can be found.
  • No excess alcohol- Moderate use of alcohol has been associated directly with higher levels of HDL cholesterol — but the benefits aren’t enough to recommend alcohol to anyone who doesn’t already drink. For those drinking alcohol, do so in moderation and of good quality.

Offering changes to lifestyle assists in improving the condition of the heart. One must not get disappointed as the results are seen slowly and steadily. For further reference, it is better to consult no 1 heart hospital in India to get the better guidance and treatment.