If you are taking Anavar you know that the magic number is always 20. We always know that Anaver is an anabolic steroid but don’t you know that this medication was made way back in the 60s? Developed at the Searle Chemical Laboratory to treat hereditary diseases like Angioedema and anemia.

It’s not new news that bodybuilding drugs are primarily used medically to treat diseases and conditions but because of the side effects of these drugs that can enhance performance and make people become buff faster. Of course, the people that needed it don’t share the same sentiments since it is for treatment but for the normal people that are taking these drugs for enhancements it’s a breakthrough.

Anavar 20mg: the best thing about this drug is that it’s legal and this means you don’t need to go to experts just to get prescriptions. With this kind of an availability, it’s prone to abuse and along the list of legal drugs in this category, Anavar is just one of these drugs and the most common preparation that gets this award is in table form 20mg. Due to its availability, it’s rare to find 20mg capsules but if you do consider yourself lucky.

Benefits: The selling point of the drug that people abuse and undermine the side effects. We all know and we should expect that a drug comes with the bad and the good. What does it do really?

  • Helps burn fat leaving a more toned body
  • Increase in strength
  • Increase in speed
  • Increased agility
  • Increase in endurance

Irony: It’s ironic that this drug is a medical breakthrough in treating diseases and conditions but was more popularized as a breakthrough for people that want to have in increase in performance and have a better physical look. We don’t really know who discovered it and how people discovered it but one’s things for sure it’s more popular as a form of an enhancement.

Things to remember: But even if this is a form of an enhancement, a supplement even there is no denying the fact that these are still drugs that you ingest and just like any other types of drugs it has side effects that you need to watch out for.. This is not your average all natural drug, this is a drug made artificially and if you don’t do your research on how this drug can affect you you’re bound to overdose this because you don’t really see the threat of these drugs.

Cycles: This is the reason why there are cycles and if you don’t take your cycles seriously it’s bound to get ugly. Do9 you know the reason why you have cycles? It’s for your affected organs to rest like your liver and etc. So always follow your cycles and never ever be tempted to take more because warnings will be as real as it is when it’s already too late.

Anavar 20mg is the magic number that is very popular with bodybuilders. The drug is mostly in tablet preparation but is also available in capsules. Its availability makes the drug easy to obtain and also easy to abuse that is why taking Anavar requires not just knowledge about the drug but also control and patience.