The heart is one of those organs in our body without which life itself is impossible.  But heart disease happens to be one of the major reasons for worldwide death toll reaching a new high in the last few years. Stroke also happens to follow in close behind.

This goes without saying that this shows a sheer lack of awareness among people, today, about the consequences of not following a healthy lifestyle. Stroke and heart diseases can be brought under control by following a disciplined way of life.

Here are some simple steps that will help you to minimise stroke and heart attacks. These basic lifestyle changes will help you to keep all your heart-related problems at bay. Just read on to know.

  • Maintain the Body Weight that is Recommended by Your Doctor – You are already in the risk zone if your body weight remains above normal. High blood pressure and excess weight can lead to a number of issues for your heart. This can also trigger the onset of Type 2 diabetes that can create problems for the heart’s normal functioning. The BMI or Body Mass Index is the right way to identify if your weight lies within the recommended range. Ideally, the BMI should range between 18 and 22.
  • Quit Smoking – Cigarette smoking is injurious to health in a number of ways. Among many other things, it is a major cause of lung cancer. In fact, it is suggested by the heart specialists that the risk of heart attacks is reduced by 40-45 percent if you quit smoking. So it is suggested for both the heavy smokers and for also those who have an occasional drag to try to give up smoking. Though giving up smoking is not easy but a sincere and conscious effort is definitely going to count.
  • Opt for Regular Physical Exercise – It is recommended that you go ahead with some form of physical activity every day. Your body can be kept in great shape by working out for even three to four sessions and that is proved to be highly beneficial for the heart.
  • Stick to a Healthy Diet – Healthy diet is one of the most powerful weapons for fighting against cardiovascular disease. The quantity and quality of food can affect the critical parameters of health like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Heart problems can be avoided by consuming healthy foods that are balanced. Make sure that the daily intake of food has minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are required by your body for a healthy existence. Your weight is directly related to what you are consuming so ensure that you opt for healthy and balanced diet.
  • Limit the Consumption of Alcohol to a Great Extent – Alcohol is bad for your overall health and your heart is not an exception. When taken in ample amounts, alcohol is capable of causing your weight to rise and it also puts stress on the heart muscles and valves. If you are unable to give up alcohol consumption completely, then it is best to restrict the consumption to once a week.

The above are some of the ways by which you embrace a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Apart from that, you should also closely observe your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar level by timely visits to your doctor and with the help of a number medical equipment that you will get online like medical equipment online in India. This way you can lead a risk-free and healthy life.