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Running a formal office space is not an easy task, mainly when the production is less and resources are more. In this situation, it becomes very difficult to cut down the cost of resources to save pennies. None of the employees can be fired as production is important, resources are important aid too and credits will increase the problem in addition. Hence, there is the only way to cut down the expenses for your new office, that is, to save on furniture. But, how can a pro do this? After all, the furnishing of the office reflects the overall image of the company. Hopefully, here are a few tips which will help you to cut down the cost significantly.

Buying Remanufactured Furniture

hand office furniture

These are those furniture sets which are remodeled to the original condition. There are many companies that deal in Remanufactured furniture for offices. In this, the companies employ workers that are trained to remodel the whole furniture set in order to give it a brand new look. This involves the furnishing, polishing and other essential finishing. The cost of such furniture is greatly reduced as there is no remarkable input. The furniture can be bought at just half of the original price. This is like buying second hand furniture in very good condition.

Refurbished Furniture

This is a term commonly used for those furniture sets that are not undergoing a perfect remolding, but has been made good looking for marketing purposes. Such furniture is sold at very cheap rates and can be bought in just ¼ of the original price. However, these sets are good only for those offices where there is not much use of furniture except for the showcase. Formally speaking, the furniture has been repaired (if required), cleaned and furnished externally to look good.

Have Multiple Options

Whenever you buy office furniture, make sure that you do not prefer online shopping. Always visit the showroom, office or furniture shop so that you can inquire for furniture set, quality, look and most importantly, price negotiation along with discounts.

Basic Tips

Apart from that mentioned above, there are certain points which must be kept in mind while designing the furnishing layout of the office. Let’s have a look at these tips.

  • Place sofa set instead of separate chairs for waiting rooms. Make sure that sofa set is large enough to accommodate more people.
  • Use simple chairs for employees. It is good to have fine pro chairs only for head, team leaders and managers.
  • Do not put vase or plant’s pot at either end of setting space. It gives messy and congested look,
  • Replace the simple tables with multipurpose ones. This will save lots of money being spent on side accessories like a drawer, dustbin and so on.

Final Words

Finally, it is responsibility of the owner to have deal with a reputed furniture company instead of ordinary shops. This is so because the friendly relations with such companies can help you to get discounts for future deals as well, along with the current furniture purchase. Offering discounted services to such companies will prove to be much beneficial for the future.