Do you ever wonder how people can take such great outdoor portraits? How would you like to be able to take great outdoor portraits? First set of questions; do you know the difference between white balance, proper exposure, and sharp focus? If you don’t than it would be a good idea to look it up because these elements are vital if you want to take great portraits outside. According to an article on digital photography, it suggested that you never pick all of the focus points and always focus on your subject’s eyes. Another outdoor portrait shooting tip is that you should that you should always shoot wide open which means that you may have to invest in a faster lens. If you want decent portraits than you should never shoot with less than 50mm and always shoot in RAW format. In another article, it suggested that when shooting portraits outside that you throw the background out of focus. By using a large aperture and your camera’s portrait mode you can achieve this desired effect. If you are not sure how to do that, don’t worry, you can always get this effect after you take the photo by using a photo editing program such as Photoshop.

digital photography

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