Rumors are flying over the Internet and in several sports communities as to whether or not famous NBA superstar LeBron James has been using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) or not. In particular, he has already confirmed to the media, and to the sports and athletic communities that he does use testosterone but for medical reasons.

However, many fans are concerned if this can result in an unfair advantage while the player is in a basketball court. It’s known by many that basketball, especially the NBA has been lagging behind other sports regarding the penalizing of players using steroids and other PEDs, even though there’s a long history of PED use throughout history.

PED Use in the World of Bodybuilding and Sports

 It was during the year 1954 when Russian bodybuilders blatantly announced to the world that they’ve been using Dianabol. Looking to more recent times, Lance Armstrong, an American professional cyclist, admitted to the use of Cortisone, HGH, Testosterone, and EPO. Many other athletes throughout the years have also admitted to the use of anabolic steroids and other PEDs to boost their chances of winning during athletic events. Looking at the NBA, it does have its players be tested for steroid use. However, many critics argue that big stars such as LeBron James only have minor punishments introduced upon them if they were ever caught using performance enhancers.

Is LeBron James Using Steroids?

 Bill Simmons, ESPN sports columnist, analyst, and podcaster, insinuated in an episode that LeBron is close to dealing with a potential drug scandal regarding performance enhancers. Simmons stated and suggested that there could be a link between the disciplinary rules placed by the NBA to its players and the poor performance of the athlete when James first started playing with the Cavaliers. Rumors also suggest that James may have taken HGH pills, albeit there’s no clear evidence that would point to the famous NBA superstar to have been using such drugs to boost his overall athletic performance during matches.


The Problem With Anabolic Steroid Use and Sports

 It’s not just the NBA that has a clear problem with athletes using PEDs to boost their chances of winning while gaining an unfair advantage over to the opposition. Back in 2005, the Texas High School was at the forefront of sports news because of a steroid scandal. It was then when the USA came to realize that there is a severe problem of professional and collegiate athletes seeking the assistance of performance enhancers to minimize efforts during training sessions while gaining a lot of advantages in return. All major league sports and most minor league athletic associations have placed strict rules regarding the use of drugs that enhance a player’s abilities on and off courts.

The Types of Anabolic Steroids Available

 Despite anabolic steroids and most PEDs being illegal, there are some who can get their hands on these drugs. Most steroids can be acquired in either underground laboratories or at the black market, and they do come in different types with varying effects. Some of the PEDs available on today’s market include the following: stimulants, human growth hormones (HGH), supplements, and, of course, anabolic steroids.

With all that’s been said and done, it’s still unclear as to whether or not LeBron James has been using anabolic steroids for personal gain except for the use of testosterone for medical reasons. However, it doesn’t mean that the rumor mill stopped churning, and news will continue to spread until the truth comes into the light.