Being a doctor is a dream for many. So many of us want to become a doctor and want to save lives as well. This profession has been glorified by men since ages and is the most respected profession known by men. Even rulers and powerful people kneel down in front of a doctor. Doctors are considered just next to god and people’s immense faith in them makes them the true and living god of mankind. This faith is what makes mankind believe in a doctor and it is the doctor’s responsibility to keep this faith intact. So, if you really want to become a good doctor whom people love very much, then you will need to make sure that you are doing your best so that this faith remains intact and people trust you a lot. Of course without hard work and dedication that is not possible and proper education is very much necessary as well, but what is more important is to become a good human being who understands his/her patient’s heart as well apart from the patient’s physical condition. This is something that you can try to become during your time in your medical school and try to be an empath. This is the main key to become a good doctor but only when proper dedication, zeal and hard work are present.

Only solving jee mains sample paper with solutions is not enough to get into a medical school and if you are not able to get into a medical school, then all your dreams of saving people will take a setback. It is not that you cannot try again; of course you can, but why next time, why not now. Study hard with your whole heart and then you will be surely able to succeed in your examination. Once you take admission into a medical college make sure that you study hard every day. Medical science is all about hardworking and the persistence to do it for years. Many students get tired of this tough life and drop out of med schools, but if you are really focused and wants to become a doctor, then do try to maintain your hard work and determination for the rest of your life. It is very important for any doctor that they do so. However, you also need to maintain your practical knowledge and make sure that you look beyond your books and gain some real and practical knowledge. Try to assist your senior doctors as much as possible and in this way you will be able to gain some real, insightful knowledge as well. You will also need to work well on your weaknesses so that they don’t stay with you all your life. For example, if you are not good at anatomy, then work hard for it instead of making it your weak point. And to all the aspiring medical students after your jee main sample paper download and you have studied them and cracked the examination, then do try to become a good human being so that you can easily be a good and successful doctor.